Sunday, November 20, 2005

Construction Ahead

An old and e-nept guy from the Midwest attempts to build a blog. Show the world what's going on in the gray matter behind the graying exterior. Snapshots of voyages, literal and figurative. No need to check in on a minute-by-minute basis. Postings to be irregular, at best. An occasional poem. A photo. A love song to the planet. A snide remark. A daydream.


Bruce Hodder said...

Well,this is going to be a good ride. I hope you can update often.
The blogosphere can never have too many real poets.
Nice Whitman quote, by the way.

Melissa Craig said...

What a great site! Love your opening with Whitman. Keep on keepin' on!

Anonymous said...

e-nept, fact and truth--you're on to something wonderful, here, Ralph. I look forward to more of the same, words and visuals. You've convinced even me that blogs like this might be worth learning to navigate.

Anonymous said...

What a nice farewell gift. Thank you Ralph. Patty Roth