Sunday, February 04, 2007


bronze by Thomas Gerhardt Smith

Like the woman
who fell from the sky
through the roof
of the Popcorn Tavern,
you might be surprised.
Like the people dancing
when the balcony collapsed
in Kansas City or
when the stock market
collapsed in New York City,
you might be surprised.
Like the little girl
who fell in the well in Texas
or the home-run hitter
who fell from grace,
or, like Custer, falling
on that day in Montana, or,
like a couple who fell in love,
you might be surprised.
But don't let that stop you.
You might be surprised.

- Ralph Murre


Ralph Murre said...

It was really kind of my many thousands of loyal readers to not mention that Custer fell in Montana, and not in Dakota, as I had earlier mis-stated. Well, I suppose he may have stumbled in the Dakota's as well, but, of course, I was talking about The Big One. Little Big Horn. Last Stand. So Long, White Boy.

- Ralph

Bruce Hodder said...

Fell while pursuing the women and children of the camp too, old George, if my compendious knowledge of American history serves me correctly. Death with honour, eh?