Saturday, March 03, 2007

Again, with the moon?

I am the one who would never start a poem with I am the one
because it would sound as though I was comfortable,
with introspection and as though I had, in fact,
taken a good look and was ready to tell you all
what I had found.
I am the one who will probably always walk in the dark.
I am the one who would rather trip over what may
be hiding
than to never take a step into the unknown and
I am the one who may not be the one at all, I suppose,
but I am the one looking at another full moon
and wondering if another one sees it
and is the one who would end a poem with I am the one.

- Ralph Murre


Anonymous said...

An awesome poem!

Ralph Murre said...

awe? shucks.
glad you liked it.
look in and enjoy your site regularly, guess i should get in the habit of leaving a comment.
thank you.
- r.m.

Omar Cruz said...
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