Tuesday, July 29, 2008


a shanty
big enough to write
a river
- arem


Anonymous said...

Many times I have visited here to drink from your inspirational river. I am passing on a recognition of how your writing serves to inspire me.

Arte y Pico

Ralph Murre said...

I am truly honored, Pam, to receive this award, of course, but to receive it from a poet of your caliber makes it an even greater honor.

Thank you,

- R.

tom said...

enjoyed - hope our paths cross when you get up to the keweenaw - it would be fun to read with you - i know Jikiwe emailed you -


Ralph Murre said...

Thanks, Tom ~ Yes, will be in the Keweenaw next week and plan to read at Miskwabik Gallery on the evening of the 15th. It will be great if you can join in and read as well.

- R.