Saturday, August 23, 2008

sea story

funny, but
on the sunny
on the sunny
siding of the sea
you & me & jib &
gollywobbler set & filled
skimmy over skimmy
over wavy under-sea
a second story
and the roary wind
a blowin'
t'gallant ribbons
blue like prizes
all the sizes are assorted
on the foamy and the briney
and the tiny tiny ocean
'neath the keel.
a feelin' of a breeze
and of jesus on the seas
salts & tars awatchin' stars
and aprayin' on their knees
and the ladders to the pulpits
climbed by climby climby culprits
always gettin' closer to the top.
& the masthead's cuttin' slices
in the blue of skyward ices
and how nice is baggywrinkle
from the sternpost to the sprit?
the dark is darkly comin'
and the white foam is afoamin'
and the roamin' are ahummin'
of the comin' of a storm
in the early bleary bleary
and they're gettin kinda teary
in their warnings
in their warnings.
and the morning's comin' red
and the sailors in their dread
are eatin' weevily rations
and their passion's
are awaitin'
in the crusted shoreside bars
and the stars are twinkly twinkly
and the ink is flowin' wrinkly
on the tinkly tinkly page
as the sage is keepin' quiet
about the diet and the grog
and i watch it all a happenin'
in a puddle on the bog.

- ralph murre


Jukota said...

I love when you write with that kind of rhythm, and to see it all in a puddle and then put it on the page. Well done!

I read this one aloud three times and it just got better and better!

White Rose said...

This is so good! I love the rhythm! It reminded me of the language in "A Clockwork Orange".

You're such a good writer!

Bruce Hodder said...

What I like about your stuff, Ralph, is that you don't try to write like anybody else.

Ralph Murre said...

wow! thanks all. you make it worth doing.

- r.

Anonymous said...

Just love this ~
glad to see the words rush on, even through the daze & haze of this particular lazyCrazy SUMMER.