Saturday, September 27, 2008

By Night

Flying by night,
stars floating in waves above us
like the prairie towns beneath our wings
and our captain, silent,
so we may hear the soft lapping
of years against the bright metal,
the distant voices crying
I knew you, I knew you;
the gods chuckling at our passage.
Silent, so we may think of depths
and the fragility of our craft.

So we may think of
the lives down there in the little towns,
the folding chairs of meeting rooms,
the all-night laundromats and
the lonely folding of blue shirts,
the folded hands of the faithful and
the flags folded in neat triangles,
the here's-to-ya last call toasting,
the dreams of newsboys;
their red bicycles under the stars.

- Ralph Murre

first appeared in Free Verse


Crafty Green Poet said...

Beautiful photo and i enjoyed the poem too, specially the last line

White Rose said...

Beautiful! You really are such a wonderful writer!

Ralph Murre said...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful writing. The image caught my eye and the poetry followed through like a good wine, leaving a fond after-taste.

If you have time I would be delighted if you would read some of my own poetry.