Sunday, February 14, 2010

Plastic Ekphrastic Post#400

Wassily Kandinsky
On Kandinsky's "Painting with Red Spot" 1914

In this grey
Great Lake
how I long
for color
the flame
gold blue
blooming orchard
amber field
red spot
sailor's warning
orange mountain
of your painting
But Wassily
to be fair
it's O.K.
for me
to be here
you there
~ Ralph Murre

Yes, this is my 400th post to this site. And , this would be a great spot for me to say something rather profound. No such luck. I thought a little about trying to tie this into "The 400", meaning, I guess, the elite of society, but I am obviously in no position to speak on that subject. Then I thought about the Chicago & Northwestern's "400", the crack passenger train that traveled, I believe, from Chicago to Minneapolis in 400 minutes, which is still a rather enviable speed, but I realize that speed records have not much to do with this blog nor with my life in general. So, after my first 400 posts, I will simply say Thank You to those several of you have followed along, and I'll say that I hope to continue, in my not-so-elite and not-so-speedy way, to lay a few thoughts before you.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 400--I've enjoyed immensely the ones I've seen.