Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Now We Are Sixty-Six

the constant rattling
grows slightly more distant
in the middle of a long night

or past the middle sometime
and that distance
is what you stay up for

why you nap
in the middle of the day
or past the middle somewhat

and traveling
you are part of the noise
but you can't find a motel

that's just for napping
in the middle of your trip
or past the middle somewhere

you begin
to grow old
or at least I'm afraid

past the middle some age
and your ears won't hear
but the rattle is clear

~ ralph murre


Anonymous said...

It's good - it's symmetrical.


Ralph Murre said...

Hah! Yes, symmetry may be as good a measure of a poem as any. I was just thinking about buns, (always a good time) most of which are symmetrical, while you might expect them to be assymmetrical. Anyone wish to speculate on this seeming flaw in the language? John should have a thought about this.

Elizabeth Ann said...

I have discovered this outstanding site and I am in awe. You are a creative wordsmith...a wonderful read throughout.


Ralph Murre said...

Glad to be discovered . . .