Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Sad Truth

File this under the heading, "What Am I Doing With My Life?", a favorite topic of some who have known me well. I just squished together my three volumes of poetry and found that they will consume almost exactly 1/2 inch of your shelf space in their entirety, and that includes their glossy paper covers, their handsome fly leaves, and their various end papers. This is the sum total of most of what I've given a damn about in the last 10 years?!?!?! Yes, I know; one good poem makes it all worthwhile, etc. . . Well, let me say right here that the jury is still out debating the truth of that one, and they're sure as hell having a lively argument trying to decide if I've written that one good poem!
~ R.M.
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Anonymous said...

Shame on you Ralph; you've written hundreds of good poems and lots of spectacular ones. Remember good things come in small packages and if you measure someone else's poetry books even if their world renowned they only take up a couple inches. If I were there I'd kick your ass.


Sharon Auberle said...

Go Jackie! I second all you say!

Richard Purinton said...

Ralph, I get a fresh breath reading your thoughts, but enjoy the accompanying photos and sketches just as much. One goes well with the other, and in the example of the lake superior beach, it may be a scene we'll have a chance to see for ourselves tomorrow. - keep those thoughts flowing. What else can one do? DP-