Saturday, December 17, 2011

Post # 500; Nearing Solstice

Yes, this is the 500th post here along the Arvinson Road. Heavy fog all the way, but I'd like to think that it's been a journey worth making, so far. Please have a look around the archives and see if you agree.
Now, in light of (or in dark of?) the coming solstice, I'll lay a piece on you that many have seen or heard before, and which we'll all soon be as tired of as we are The Little Drummer Boy, but a few people have told me they love my seasonal sermonette, so, pa-rum-pa-pum-pum, here it is:

In Dark December

Whatever you believe,
whatever you do not,
there are sacred rites
you must perform
in dark December.
Do this for me:
Pull together
the kitchen table,
the folding table,
and that odd half-oval
usually covered
with bills and broken pencils
and red ink.
Pull together family and friends,
cool cats and stray dogs alike.
Turn off everything
except colored lights,
the roaster,
the toaster, the stove.
Cook. Bake. Eat.
Yes, even the fruitcake.
Eat, crowded around
those assembled tables
with mismatched chairs.
Reach so far
in your sharing
that you hold the sun
in one hand,
the stars in the other,
and no one between is hungry.
Now walk together,
talk together,
be together
on these darkest nights.
Give and forgive.
Light candles and ring bells.
Sing the old songs.
Tell the old stories
one more time,
leaving nothing out,
leaving no one out
in the long night,
leaving nothing wrong
that you can make right.

~ Ralph Murre


Anonymous said...

Third time I've read this one and not tired of it yet. Cranked up my new little toaster/convection oven in the studio near Tijeras and I'm making Christmas cookies here in the shop along with the pottery and all those half-baked haikus. Glad you and that angel are hale and hearty and only wish you could pull up your chairs to my table here for some solstice light and holiday cheer. Many Thanks to you for this poem!

Bruce Hodder said...

Congratulations on number 500 Ralph.

Angela Consolo Mankiewicz said...

Nice - Really nice.

Jeanne said...

Happy Solstice. Congrates Ralph. Great poem. I'm particularly fond of your work. Just something about it that resonates and touches me. I am on my 270ish blog share. Please give it a visit at your leisure.
I write a poem everyday. Whatever rises to my surfaces, I let roll on out. Some are ..... god only knows and some feel like I will gather and place in the poetry book that I hope to put together before next year comes to an end. Have to hit the revise button.
Give Sharon a hello. I hope to see you at the Clearing maybe next year.
peace to you. jeanne

Rosaliene Bacchus said...

Enjoyed your poem. It expresses so well our emotions at this time of year; of scarcity for many.

Ralph Murre said...

Thank you all: Anonymous Kris, snowed-in in old New Mex, Bruce in jolly old England, Angela, in California, I think, Jeanne in Michigan, and Rosaliene, in some unknown but happy little corner of the earth, I hope.
Though my blog is not seen by a great many, those that do look in are scattered, so I feel I can honestly say that I am widely read, which is quite heartening.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done Uncle Ralph!

Anonymous said...

Your poem was posted on a scrapbooking message board (2 peas in a bucket). I fell in love with it, posted it on my facebook and had to come google you to say thanks.

Thank you for your beautiful words.

I look forward to reading more of your work here

Sue Sume