Monday, September 10, 2012

with all your science

            with all your science
                      tell me
            how much     
                      of the ocean
            is tears
                       tell me
                       the fish aren't crying
                                             all the time

                       ~ ralph murre


Cristina Norcross said...

This is beautiful, Ralph! I love your pairing of poetry and photography here, in all of its simple elegance and the question it poses. Cristina Norcross

Jeanne said...

It hurt my heart a little bit. I never thought of the idea that those salty seas were fish tears. I really like the poem in it's tender simplicity.
thanks Ralph.

Anonymous said...

A winner, Ralph. Spare, but loaded. Nerudaesque.
Ed W

jeanie said...

beautiful ralph, steve and i going to walk beside those tears from san francisco j&s

Ralph Murre said...

I must come clean. While not intending to rip off Basho, my thought owes an unmistakable debt to his, where in The Narrow Road to the Deep North, he says:

The passing spring,
Birds mourn,
Fishes weep
With tearful eyes

Jukota said...

Ralph, you got me with the first line on this one, science, all of our technology can't answer some of the most important questions. Another "wonder" full poem!