Saturday, July 11, 2015

Against the Wall


However fine are their qualities
and however fine ours may be,
if we empower as leaders
those bought and sold,
we, too, are bought and told
that this is the golden-
hued freedom we dumb
bastards fought for
and all the bleeding was for naught
and the dying fools.
We are buying that it’s cool
to sell the nation to the corporation,
build more jails, close more schools.
We can all just stay tuned
to the one station that broadcasts
the coronation, see the placement,
on that paid-for head,
of our crown of jewels.

~ Ralph Murre


Don Schaeffer said...


Albert DeGenova said...


Robert Walton said...

I especially like the juxtaposition of "bought and sold" with "bought and told". That's all the needs to be said!

Angela Consolo Mankiewicz said...

Very good one, Ralph - we need more social and political poetry. This is another purpose of poetry - poetry beyond Hallmark - to think, to move, to do.

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