Thursday, January 12, 2006

Angel Head 2.5

I'm proud to announce that some of my work has found on-line publication at ANGEL HEAD, a recently-begun, but rather classy, poetry ezine. It's editor is the Englishman, Bruce Hodder, formerly of the print journal "Blue Frederick" and capable writer of the blog "Suffolk Punch".
Suffolk Punch, it turns out, is the name of a breed of workhorse; an apt comparison to Hodder. As far as I can tell, he works a full-time job, blogs much of the day and night, writes a bunch of good poetry, and knocks out the odd novel in his spare time.
I know the sun's up about six hours earlier in England, but I still don't see that I should get so little done, by comparison.
Anyway -- go now to visit

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Bruce Hodder said...

I'd just like to echo all the things Ralph has said about me in this extremely generous entry! The Suffolk Punch horses were beloved of my mother, who remembered seeing them on the land in my native county (Suffolk, oddly) when she was a little girl. They were the last animals in the area to be used on the farms before mechanisation came in. Older farmers have spoken about the change that came over farming and country life when the last of the Suffolk Punches disappeared. It seems a degree of individualism and independence went with them. So for me the name is symbolic. It's like asserting that combination of tradition and habitual individualism,and honouring the spirits of my doughty Suffolk ancestors, like one great-grandfather who was sacked from his job of a country gravedigger for falling asleep in a grave one warm afternoon. After that he paid for his pints in the local pubs by challenging drinkers to general knowledge quizzes, with beer as the prize. As far as I know the old rascal never went home sober!