Sunday, January 01, 2006

Running Things

Running Things

Another year
Another chance to get it right
To do the things I shoulda done
Tear down that fence I built
Quit the party
Let running things run

Another wave rolls up the beach
Tumbles stones
Polishes what survives
Shorebirds – hungry – rush
Consume the dazzled on the sands
End the safe, crustacean lives

Another day
Another chance to see the light
To see the clouded, rising sun
Copper flame in pewter bowl
Embrace the certain, coming toll
Or be a running thing, and run

- Ralph Murre

1 comment:

S.L. Corsua said...

Brilliant, Ralph. ^_^ I'm reading it over and over, and relishing the light tone of it each time.

I've also read your previous poems. "Truck" has instantly become a favorite of mine. It... reminds me of the feeling of being special. Thank you. I have also immensely enjoyed the acoustics of, or in, the piece "Passage." All of it, your poetry, is a wonder to read. ^_^

I am ever grateful for your visit and comment on my blog, that has lead me to your site. May this year bring you good tidings.

Do write more. I shall be dropping by from time to time to dwell on your creations. ^_^