Sunday, May 07, 2006


Did you ever have the one
where you're being chased
by a short man with a hatchet
down a long balcony and you
think this has got to be
mistaken identity 'cause I'm
a good person but you keep
running 'cause you don't think
you could reason with this guy
and he may only speak another
language and just as he throws
the hatchet you come to the end
of the balcony and jump to your
certain death but it turns out
you can fly better than Michael
Jordan or Mikhail Baryshnikov
and you lightly touch down and
then spring to the very treetops
and you're a bird?

You should have that one;
it's pretty cool.
Really messes with your head.

-Ralph Murre


Ralph Murre said...

Valuable prize to first person to correctly identify subject of this photo.

Bruce Hodder said...

i don't know what the photo is, but can i have whatever you have before you go to bed?