Sunday, May 14, 2006

The News

Didn't buy a paper today and I'm not watching the TV news, which leads to a thought, unoriginal though it may be: How different would the world be if I never learned any of the news? Probably not very different at all. But how different would I be? How would I behave if I never knew about the bombs and beheadings, the feasts and famines, never saw the peacock of NBC or heard the poppycock of the BBC? I'd probably sleep better. Is ignorance bliss?

(Ignorance ought to be cheaper -- think of the money that might have been saved if several of our world leaders had skipped expensive educations in prominent universities.)

How would I be different if I didn't take my walks in the woods? never saw these blossoms?
That's a little less fun to imagine.

- Ralph Murre

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Anonymous said...

I generally limit my intake of news and sometimes wonder if it's avoidance. However, I find doing so makes me less anxious and generally more pleasant to be around.

Some artists find inspiration (or maybe more aptly, motivation)in the chaos of the political world. I find mine in the quiet of daily life.