Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Other Voices

More than a little excited to have half a dozen of my poems chosen for a new anthology of the work of 22 emerging, if not young, artists, authors and poets. This not-so-little beauty, "Other Voices", promises to be a very engrossing series of reads, as packaged by no less than Editor Norbert Blei hisself. To many of you, that should be 'nuff said.

What we'll have here is 304 pages of essays and excerpts, poetry and photography, humor and pathos generated on both sides of the Atlantic by as interesting and interested a bunch of folks as I can think of. It's been my pleasure to meet about half of this tribe, and believe me when I say that I think we're in for a very good time.

But where can we get these wonderful books? - well, I thought you might ask, so I'll tell ya - to get "Other Voices", order direct from the publisher: Cross+Roads Press, P.O. Box 33, Ellison Bay, WI, (USA) 54210. The cost is $17.00 plus $3 shipping and handling, each.

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