Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Color Blue

not everything
will be explained completely
sky depth, color blue

- arem


Anonymous said...

I was at the library scanning the new book shelves and, on the spine of a book, I spy the name, Ralph Murre.

I think to myself "wow, I know someone who has a poetry book on the library shelf!" I promptly check out "Crude Red Boat", take it home and show my husband where it makes its way to his current reading pile. I've just snuck it back to mine so I can enjoy it before it becomes overdue.

Brett enjoyed it, by the way. Well done, Ralph!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ralph,

Just joined Poets Who Blog and i'm browsing around. Very much like what I see and read here! Where can I purchase your book? Amazon, perhaps?

Ralph Murre said...

Hi, Shan - Thanks so much for your interest and endorsement, and for your own great blog(s). Glad you're back on line. And congratulations for finding the book in the library - I couldn't!

Kimberly - thank you as well - Crude Red Boat is available from the publisher, Cross+Roads Press,
( nblei@dcwis.com ) or directly from me ( caparem@charter.net ). Either way, it'll cost $10.00 plus $1.50 shipping. Email for details and exchange of street addresses.