Friday, October 26, 2007

Just in Case

Note To My Publicist

The camera should be held
Quite low, I think,
To make me appear taller
and to hide baldness.
The lens should be of the type
Which makes one look slim and muscular.
Also, I believe,
A rather soft focus would be good.
I’ll need the kind of lighting
Which adds a great deal of dignity
and youthful vitality.
If I am to speak,
The microphone must be attached
To some sort of apparatus
That renders the voice lower and more mellow.

I will,
With proper planning and rehearsal,
Be very candid and spontaneous.

- Ralph Murre 2003


henry denander said...

Hi Ralph, loved this poem! Glad I got here at last, I will keep an eye on this blog! It was great to share the pages with you in THE CLIFFS! Best from Hydra

20-20 said...

Muy bueno.

Ralph Murre said...

skol!, salud!

Jo said...

Oh how I laughed at this. Well done!

Ralph Murre said...

thanks, jo!