Monday, November 05, 2007



How much easier
to write about the tamarack’s
golden flame
the last flicker of warmth
against purple winter’s
than to speak
of our own fading hopes
of immortality

to let the pen express visions
of V’s of geese
receding into falling night
than to talk with a lover
the approaching darkness
in which the warm V
of our desire
our desirability
heads south

easier to project
into metaphor of autumn
and winter
than to accept the coming
of no spring no summer

the trout lily’s bloom
the red robin’s return
not for us

easier to tell the world
of fortitude

than to tell family
of fear.

Tomorrow begins November
we shall wear brave masks

- Ralph Murre 2004

this piece was written for Halloween,
and appears in my book, "Crude Red Boat"

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Jo said...

A wonderful piece that speaks the truth.