Tuesday, June 10, 2008


And the canvas waits
for her pale body
the way I’ll paint her
and the flake-white bed
she’ll be rising from

- Ralph Murre


White Rose said...

This is wonderful! And I love the painting too! Is it your work? "the flake white bed she'll be rising from"

Brings to mind The Birth of Venus and implies every day she is your beauty, your Venus.

Just beautiful!

Ralph Murre said...

thanks, white rose ~

yeah, my oil colors surfaced after about a ten-year absence, and the lines, which are from a longer piece I'm working on, seemed to demand that I do something.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved your drawings,and it's good to see you are painting too.The first one I remember you doing was the boy in the cornfield.You have a certain continuity with crows.Why? what do they represent to you?
-Heather from Mpls