Friday, June 06, 2008


and when he said let there be light
it is not certain
who he was talking to
but he stained the glass of the churches
so not too much could get in
'cause he decided he liked it dark
after all
and so he couldn't see out
'cause things were going wrong
just outside
and he made the stained glass pretty
so we wouldn't take our eyes
off of it
'cause he didn't want us looking around
too much
'cause things were going wrong
inside, too
and when he said let there be light
he didn't mean to reveal
-ralph murre


Jukota said...

Jesus - Ralph! - (pun intended for your amusement) you are amazing. I love the connection of the stained glass windows and not letting in 'too' much light. You make it seem so obvious, so simple, and that simplicity is a true gift.
I don't touch base too often, but I always check out your site for new stuff, and I'm always impressed, but this one floored me!

White Rose said...

The first line had me, brilliant! I like how you have said so much, with such simplicity.

Anonymous said...

Amazing insight Ralph. So true about things going wrong outside and inside the church. I really enjoyed this one.

Ralph Murre said...

Thank you all -- you are too kind.

Or three kind.

Good to know this stuff's appreciated.