Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The sky is full of bluebirds
but not everyone can see them
so they think it's just a blue sky
and at night, when it's all crows
well . . . you know.
And early and late
come the cardinals and flamingos
but don't try to explain that
to just anyone.
There are gray birds, too.
- Ralph Murre

I had the chance, last Friday night, to spend the evening with some of my favorite people, listening to one of my favorite bands (Big Mouth) playing some of my favorite music WHILE glazing the little pot you see above. All this was going on at the Hands On Studio as a whole bunch of other people were doing roughly the same thing. It all sounds a little too cozy and crafty to me, but I'll admit that I loved it. Never tried something quite like that before, but was fairly well pleased with the result, which is a design I came up with to accompany this little poem.

NEWS FLASH! The review I wrote of Sharon Auberle's Saturday Nights at the Crystal Ball now appears within a larger and wonderful article by Norbert Blei on the website "Poetry Dispatch".

And by the way, if you're not already a follower of this exemplary site, WHY NOT ???

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem full of surprise and whimsy. My sky is definitely filled with gray birds today with there down all fluffed out.