Sunday, February 01, 2009

Inquire Within

Inquire Within
I'll sell some land
I'll sell some books
I'll sell fishing hooks and second-hand lures
I'll sell some tourists narrated tours
I'll sell some cherries
I'll sell the orchard
I'll sell some tortured antiquities
and try to sell the shining seas
I'll sell baseball diamonds
I'll sell football fields
I'll sell museums that sell the past
I'll sell the future whitefish yields
I'll sell plastic siding
and hide the profits
I'll sell fake stones and aluminum soffits
I'll sell some photos that show what it was
I'll sell the laborer and what he does
I'll sell the oak
I'll sell the birch
I'll sell the school
and the Lutheran church
I'll sell the lake and sell the bay
I'll sell the sizzle and move away
- Ralph Murre
appeared first in "Knock" magazine


Bruce Hodder said...

I swear you're one of the few poets I know who gets better. Unless this is really old of course!

Ralph Murre said...

Hah! Well, it's teeth are just slightly lengthy, but I keep trying.

Thanks Bruc . . . er . . . Fred.

Ralph Murre said...

"It's teeth?" ???!!!

Richard Purinton said...

Ralph - My only excuse for not reading earlier is that I didn't know this blog existed. Thank-you!. Will keep in touch regularly from now on. - DP

writerwoman said...


Unless you have some objection I will feature this poem on april 6 at Poets Who Blog for our National Poetry Month celebration.

I will also use the bio you have in your sidebar for our readers. I will link to your poem, not copy and paste.

If you do not wish to be linked to email me at poets who blog at yahoo dot com.



Ralph Murre said...

Objection?!?!?! Hardly. This is great news, and I thank you.

~ R.

Rachel Green said...

A delightful read. Thank you.

Sara said...

Thank you for helping us celebrate National Poetry Month at PWB.

Sheila said...

Glad to find your blog. I have Sara to thank for that. Once you sell up where will you go? I posted a poem about moving house a little while ago. It's the fantasy of the new life that goes with it that makes it worth the very significant car boot sale you're planning.

Sheila said...

P.S. How do I get your site onto my reading list? You don't have followers and there's no little thingit at the bottom for Google reader or whatever. This may be obvious, in which case I apologise. I'm fairly blog illiterate.

Lawrence Gladeview said...

ralph- the dramatic black backdrop creates gravity to this piece. your use of repetition works well throughout and i dig your use of strong language blended with everyday nuances.

Ralph Murre said...

Thank you all for your interest . . . Mairi ~ I have no idea how to "follow" (and, incidentally, I'm not much of a leader either!) One hopes it's enough to post a decent poem from time to time. I guess you can just put this address in your favorites:

thanks for trying

~ Ralph Murre

Anonymous said...

Your sense of rhyme is fantastic! It never feels forced or awkward.