Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thank you, and ...

Grand Scheme or Random Event, God, Allah,
or Great Spirit,
Holy Myth or Happy Accident, we thank you
for your generous contributions to our planet.

Due to unforeseen crises which have developed
since the onset of our species, we must now ask
for your further assistance.

We hope you will again find it in your heart
(or whatever)
to increase your endowment to help us, as we
endeavor to sustain this magnificent facility.

Your ongoing benevolence is appreciated.

- Ralph Murre


20-20 said...

Yes, yes! And Benevolent One, please let 4,000 trillion barrels of highest quality oil be discovered, unexpectedly, someplace nearby (but not too close). Racine County, maybe.

Unknown said...

I like this poem very much.

Ralph Murre said...

Thanks David -- Just visited your site and would like to hear your reaction to my piece "on the gaiety of spring", which you can find by scrolling down a few entries on my blog.