Thursday, February 09, 2006


The dark fabric of the night,
pulled up from the east and
tacked to the sky with stars,
has fallen to earth;
only this little candle
to burn a hole
where daylight may seep in.

- Ralph Murre

From time to time, of course, I go a-surfing on the net -- blithely hanging ten in the pipeline of blog after blog -- and I must say that there is a great deal of crud in the water. Darkness falling, in spite of this marvelous tool we've been given, this lamp to light the way. Every now and then, however, I see a little candle burning a hole in the dark. My links field -- yeah, over there on your right -- is filled with sources of light. One which is just being lit, and which I expect to burn very brightly, is Mimi's Golightly Cafe ( ) by Sharon Auberle; poet, spirit of the page, of the woodland, and of the shore.

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