Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Now Hear This!

photo by Nancy Vaughn

Very excited to announce that five of my poems (well, four poems and a catchy little lyric to an old favorite tune) have come on line at the first-rate literary ezine, Word Riot. Their front page is at , and the direct link to my poems is, I believe, . Check it out.


Bruce Hodder said...

Big congrats Ralph, you deserve the acknowledgement. Now if I can only figure out why Word Riot never accepted my handsome little bundle of poems!

Ralph Murre said...

It took a while, Bruce. If you've not actually received a rejection notice, keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

I commented at the site. I enjoyed them quite a bit, but to be honest - I like your blog more. The mood and photos accentuate the poems. I enjoyed Spires and the photograph of the porthole is wonderful; we, or at least I, forget how exciting a boat can be, or the waterline; a float to Washington Island is an everyday mystery if we view it through the right lens.
I will come back to your blog.
Brett H

Anonymous said...

Wow. Congratulations. I'm going to bookmark the site and will take a look as soon as time permits.