Tuesday, February 28, 2006

for you, a little story

A dolphin calls the doctor's office; the nurse asks, "What is the purpose of your call?"

"Vy, I am the porpoise of my call," says the dolphin, "my vife, she is dead long ago from the nets, and all the little porpoises svim avay; they don't call. I am an old dolphin who can no longer sing."

"Can't carry a tune, huh?" says the nurse.

"Carry a tuna ?!! I tell you I am an old dolphin, I haf no more the strength to carry a tuna."

"Perhaps it's your diet," says the nurse, "have you felt like fish?"

"Gefilte fish ?!! Oy! Already three times a day vit the gefilte fish -- and you vant I should eat more?!!"

"Not so fast," says the nurse, "for best results, I must transcribe."

"Matzos - fast - then schmalts, you prescribe?" says the dolphin,

"Thank you."

"Good bye."

- Ralph Murre

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