Thursday, May 08, 2008

Could Be (revised)

Now, don't think I've gone 'round the bend on ya, and don't be lookin' fer me down at Sunday go t' meetin'; but there COULD be angels, I guess. And I sure as hell am not sayin' there's a big G God out there, since I find it a lot easier to conceive of a lot of little g gods who don't get along very well. But when, I'm wondering, did I get so much smarter than all those people over the millenia who absolutely believed in SOMETHING in the way of a force or mind that occasionally, and maybe just for fun, screws around with our little, mortal mentalities. Oh, the true believers have done more out and out EVIL than an arena full of atheists could ever dream of, but hey, a very few of them aren't all bad. A few, even, are among my heroes -- consider the words of one of them now:

. . . I never believed in the presence of angels, but my dreams have changed . . . I asked him for one more moment of the dream, which gave me peace.

. . . Science is concerned to deprive us of illusions, though why it is eager to do so is unclear . . . What have they left us? Only the accountancy of a capitalist enterprise.

- Czeslaw Milosz, from his book SECOND SPACE

Incidentally, one of the angels in the photo above is my five year old granddaughter, who, upon returning home with her new costume said to her two-and-a-half year old brother, "I'll be an angel, and you can be Baby Jesus.", to which he replied, "No. I'm a snake." Clearly, both have inherited my genes.


Ralph Murre said...
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Kyle White said...

I agree about the scientists. Enjoyed your writing, too. Makes me consider my faith a bit. I'll keep checking back...say, is the Little Eagle Press your own vehicle for distributing your work, or is it independent of you? I'm looking for small Wisconsin publishers. Thanks!

Ralph Murre said...

Thanks for your comment, Kyle -- as to your suppositions about Little Eagle Press, niether and both are true -- I am, at this time, filling all positions at The Press, which has published my second book, Psalms -- however, Little Eagle is currently involved in other projects, but manuscripts will ONLY be considered at my invitation.

Neighbors' House said...

Understood. Thanks!