Monday, May 27, 2013

Another Memorial

Off Blackhawk Road

Blackhawk, old warrior
outnumbered by European starlings,
is that you, or your namesake,
perched high on that cottonwood branch?
Do you see me here on the land?
I think you’d still know it –
this path on this island of sand.
A creek still flows.
The deer still drink the cool of it.
But Blackhawk, hear the mourning dove mourn;
don’t fly back to that little lake.

In a hundred summers, the trees may return
that the damned fool clear-cut for a view.

Let his sons, for a hundred winters,
have nothing to burn.  Hell,
let his daughters freeze with them, too.
Or is that unkind, Blackhawk?
Too hawkish a thought for my mourning dove mind?
There’s a warning of chick-a-dee-dee.
Now, a racket of crows
and the waxwings wax alarming.
Can’t I relax?  After all,
a creek still flows
and the deer still drink the cool of it.

~ Ralph Murre

Sunday, May 19, 2013

in this kind of light

and always
on a bench
on the dock
on this kind of day
in this kind of light
a few old men
buttoned in
their dark coats
and dispositions
to each others'
long stories
their hearing aids
turned off

~ ralph murre

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Getting Across

How many boards      I ask
in a boardwalk
If  I tell     says the sage
you won't build one

~ arem