Monday, July 03, 2006


photo by Nancy Vaughn


yes to the ocean
yes to the mountain
yes to its rushing stream
yes to the prairie and daylight
yes to the night and stars
yes to the coins in the fountain
yes to the one with a dream
yes to the grass
in the cracked concrete
yes to strangers in bars
yes to the blue sky
yes to the blues
yes to the woman
at the store
yes to the ones doing dishes
yes to the clean-mopped floor
yes to the one making music
yes to the one making do
yes to the thin green candle
yes to the thin green tree
and yes to the forest
yes to the bird and the bee
yes to the fish in the pond
yes to the fish in the sea
yes, yes, oh yes
to the iris
yes to its drop of dew
yes to the multitude
yes to the few
yes, yes, mmm-hmmm
yes to you
yes to you

- Ralph Murre

Though I just wrote this, it doesn't sound like me. It does sound vaguely familiar, as if I've read or heard something like it, but I can't think where. So if this sounds too much like something else, let me know.


Bruce Hodder said...

Doesn't sound like anything familiar to me, R. But I like it. I keep thinking these recent poems of yours deserve to be read aloud. They have rhythms that would really suit that kind of presentation.

20-20 said...

I need a loan. What do you have to say to that? :)

Ralph Murre said...

Yes to the loan
Yes to exorbitent interest

Anonymous said...

When I started reading I thought briefly of the "eternal yes" as described by the character of Emerson in "A Room with a View."

Just the idea of yes, yes, yes...

The form of the poem isn't familiar to me at all, but I love it. It makes me feel a bit like dancing.