Sunday, August 06, 2006

Give and Take

in the bright honesty
of the forest clearing
and the dappled dark trail
give me your hand

in the questioning gaze
of the crowded cafe
and rose-windowed cathedral
your smile

to the unnamed color
of the rolling wave crest
and sunlight in canyons
take my heart

and beyond and beyond
all of me

- ralph murre


20-20 said...

Bravo! You are really on a role with these last three poems! They are really satisfying. I thought about writing a poem the other day, but decided "why bother." I can just read yours and avoid all the frustration that my efforts would cause me. Not to mention the paper, pencil and time. Yes, I decided, I am much better at reading.

Bruce Hodder said...

A wise man, 20-20. With many of us silence would be a vastly better poem. With Ralph it wouldn't.

20-20 said...

I can't believe I spelt "roll" incorrectly. "Spelt" is a word people use if they are English. I am not English, but I speak English (sort of), so why not write English (sort of).