Saturday, November 20, 2010

All-Office Party

Well, we've pulled out all the stops to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Arem Arvinson Log today, the 20th of November, 2010. The party here at the home office is one for the record books and I hear that things in our overseas bureaus are totally out of hand.

Hope you'll take a few minutes to browse around the archives, scan down the list of labels on the right, see if there's something of interest. I hope too, that I am not unreasonably proud of this body of work.

Incidentally, I want to reiterate just how much I appreciate the comments that many of you have left, from time to time. I understand what a hassle it is to leave a comment at all, but as soon as I try to peel away a layer of hassle, I am inundated with machine-generated spam comments, offering everything from poetry publishing to Viagra to, well . . .Spam.

Thanks for looking in. I'll continue to try to publish a few items worthy of your attention.

~ Ralph Murre


Gerri Friedberg said...

CONGRATS,Ralph! You are a model not only of "le bon mot' but charming humility! I look forward to at least the next decade of Arem....Gerri

Henry Denander said...

Congratulations! I am a member of your fan club since five years, at least. Great work!
There is a snail mail letter on its way to you, it's probably somewhere over the ocean now. When you open it on Monday you will hear a Swedish "Hurra!" from inside.
Congrats and best wishes /Henry

Stephanie Murre Wolf said...

Happy Fifth Birthday to your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 5 years (has it really been THAT long?) of blogging. I am so proud of your dedication to your site, and when I am in need of a good poem, I always check in here. Often times, I find just what I need to help get me through one of those days when I really need a poetry fix and YDP or even Writer's Almanac doesn't have what I'm looking for. Thanks for being there. I'll keep checking in!

Bruce Hodder said...

5 years is an achievement worth celebrating, Ralph. I have just about made similar numbers myself, against all odds.Your voice continues to be one of the most engaging, perceptive and (please take this as a compliment) grown up voices on the scene. I hope you continue for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Happy 5 years AREM Blog. Keep Calm and Carry On.

I hope you continue to enjoy it - because we sure do!

Carolyn xo