Saturday, December 23, 2006


phoenix sculpture by Adrian Murre

and angels will sweep 'round
their great wings holding light
and a radiance gather on earth
and copper brothers and golden sisters
and alabaster and ebony join
and the fox will walk with the hen
and fur-wrapped arctic women
dance with naked south-sea men
and you with me, and you with me

and three kings will ride out
to visit a new star
and renounce all unearned monarchy
and ship's carpenters and guitar players
and native princes and nurse's aides sing
and the hawk will fly with the dove
some may forget their injury
and a few may learn to love
and the drowning will be kissed by the sea

and icons will be painted
with halos of gold leaf
and most saints won't be sainted
most gods will beg belief

- Ralph Murre


bruce said...

Aaaahhhh! Lovely.
I particularly like the mixing up of classical and contemporary references.

Ralph Murre said...

Thanks, Bruce, and may you have a wonderful Christmas.

Sharon Auberle said...

Beautifully expressed Christmas hope, Ralph. Thanks.

Blessings to your and yours...

Ralph Murre said...

Thank you, Sharon - we are richly blessed. Merry Christmas!

- R.