Sunday, September 02, 2007

the summer's gone

and all the roses falling
and all the crumbs of lunch
and all the papers crumpled
and the Rosalita's sweeping
and all the plumbing clogged
and all the overflowing
and all the windows fogged
and all the Carlos's plunging
and all the paint is peeling
and all the roofs are leaking
and the gardens all need weeding
and all the Ivan's scraping
and all the Juan's are raking
and the Marina's are all mopping
and all the dishes -
someone's doing all the dishes
someone's washing the hotel sheets
you made love on
someone's patching holes
in the roads
someone's patching holes
in someone's jeans
and the Jeremy's are assistant managers
and the Brittney's have syndromes
and all the Rose's falling
in the under-insured night

- Ralph Murre

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